EndGame By Design, LLC



               Build Your Business with the End In Mind

EndGame By Design, LLC (formerly known as Compass Advisors Group) was founded by Sandra Munier, an estate planning/business attorney and business advisor/transition specialist, to help business owners build growth and true value in their business so that they can have a profitable, systematic organization now, that can be transferred or sold as a valuable asset that will command a premium when the owner desires.

We also help business owners and executives with getting mentally, emotionally, and professionally ready for a transition out of their business or position - which prepares and enables them to move forward to their next stage.

For those business owners who are ready to embark in getting an exit or succession plan in place, we offer customized solutions that support this crucial process and work with other experts and advisors as needed.

Sandra Munier is a licensed attorney in the State of California, received her J.D degree in 1995, and her Master's in Organizational Management in 1994. Ms. Munier is also a Licensed Professional Business Coach, a member of the Institute for Business Growth,  a Certified Value Builder specialist, and a Transition Planning Consultant with the Successful Transition Planning Institute (STPI) and The Platinum Years. She also continues to obtain other certifications in Exit Planning and Business.

We offer an initial one-hour consultation at no charge for business owners.